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The right finance option for your business

There's no better way to get a car that suits your business needs than with a little help from Toyota Finance[A1]. From small or medium enterprises to large corporations, no two businesses are the same. And that's why we offer a range of flexible car finance options, such as a Business Vehicle Loan (also known as a Chattel Mortgage) and a Toyota Access Business Vehicle Loan.

If you're looking for a car loan for a new or used business car, let's make it happen.

At Blood Toyota, we know that no two businesses are the same. That is why we offer a range of car finance options to suit your individual business requirements. So whether you're a small to medium business or a larger organisation, Airport Toyota has a range of finance options that may be suitable to you, including:

  • Business Finance
  • Business Vehicle Loan
  • Finance Lease
  • Toyota Access
  • Toyota Finance[A1] for Small Business
  • Fleet Financing

If you have any questions at all, please speak with our team or submit a finance enquiry online.

Business Finance

A Business Vehicle Loan, also known as a Chattel Mortgage, is a finance option designed to provide flexibility for people in business.

Our Business Car Loan is a convenient way for GST registered businesses to finance a vehicle that is used predominantly for business purposes. You'll have the security of knowing the vehicle is an asset of your business, even while you are paying it off.

Key Benefits:

  • Financing for vehicles up to 7 years old
  • Finance for any choice of vehicle that best suits your business needs
  • A fixed interest rate for the term of the car loan

Finance Lease

A Finance Lease, also known as a Car Lease, enables a business to have the use of a car or commercial vehicle, while Toyota Finance[A1] retains ownership of it during the car lease term. At the end of the term, you have the opportunity to make an offer to purchase the car or vary the Finance Lease by extending the term.

Key Benefits:

  • A flexible means of upgrading to a new car every few years
  • No fixed kilometre limits
  • Security of fixed payments for the term of the lease

Toyota Access

A Whole New Way to Buy a Toyota Has Arrived

What if the joys of buying a new car went on forever?

With Toyota Access, you'll be surprised at how soon you could be reliving that new car feeling. Toyota Access is an exciting new program that gives you an exceptional level of choice, confidence and flexibility when it comes to buying a car, now and in the future 1.

The Toyota Access advantage:

Low Running Costs
Low Running Costs
Flexible Terms
Flexible Terms
Guaranteed Future Value
Guaranteed Future Value
Competitive Toyota Insurance
Competitive Toyota Insurance

The Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) is the minimum value of your new or approved demonstrator Toyota at the end of your finance contract, as determined by Toyota Finance[A1]. If you decide to return your car to Toyota at the end of your term, Toyota Finance[A1] will pay you the GFV amount, which will be put against your final payment subject to fair wear and tear conditions and agreed kilometres being met. The information provided is general in nature. You should seek your own financial advice to determine whether Toyota Access is appropriate for your individual circumstances. Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply. Toyota Access Guaranteed Future Value products are available to approved customers of Toyota Finance[A1] a division of Toyota Finance[A1] Australia Limited ABN 48 002 435 181, AFSL and Australian Credit Licence 392536

Business Vehicle Loan

The benefits of flexibility, cash flow and ownership for your business

A Business Vehicle Loan, also known as a Chattel Mortgage, is a finance option designed to provide flexibility for people in business.

It is a convenient way for GST registered businesses to finance a vehicle that is used predominantly for business purposes. You'll have opportunities for income tax deductions through depreciation and interest charges, plus the added security of knowing the car is an asset of your business, even while you're paying it off. With a fixed interest rate over the business car finance term, plus the ability to make additional payments that reduce the total interest payable, your monthly costs will be in your hands.

Our online car loan calculator is a helpful budgeting tool, giving you the benefit of estimating your monthly costs upfront. And with flexible payment options, like the ability to choose the length of your loan term, a deposit amount and a balloon payment option, you'll be prepared with information you need to help you choose the right vehicle for your business, before you get to the dealership.

Because Toyota Finance[A1] is only part of the benefits that make up the Toyota Advantage, you'll be getting added value as well as flexible business finance solutions. From Toyota Insurance and Roadside Assist to Toyota Genuine Parts, Accessories plus Toyota Service Advantage, you can get value that continues long after you've left the dealership.

Key Benefits:

  • The security of a fixed interest rate over the term of the car loan.
  • A choice of car loan terms, ranging from 1-7 years
  • Finance for any choice of car that best suits your business needs
  • The ability to make additional payments, reducing the total interest payable
  • The option to reduce monthly payments by making a balloon final payment, freeing up business cash flow
  • Daily interest calculations on the outstanding principal balance, so any additional payments you make will reduce the total interest payable.
  • On-road costs, stamp duty, insurance, warranty and roadside assistance can be included in the amount financed
  • Opportunities for income tax deductions through depreciation and interest charges
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Toyota Access - Business Vehicle Loan

If you're a sole trader, partnership or company looking for business car finance, the Toyota Access Business Car Loan could suit your needs. It offers the security of a Guaranteed Future Value* and a fixed interest rate for the term of the loan, so you can focus on the needs of your business. You decide what happens at the end of your term, with the option to trade, keep or return the car.


  • The assurance of fixed monthly payments to help you manage your cash flow
  • The certainty of a Guaranteed Future Value*
  • The flexibility to trade, keep or return your Toyota

Fleet Financing

Toyota Fleet Management (TFM) offers a comprehensive range of services to take care of managing your fleet, giving you more time to focus on your core business activities.

Whether you own your vehicles or finance through TFM a complete suite of fleet management services is available to you. TFM can tailor a package to suit your business needs, from asset finance right through to an all-inclusive fleet management service. And with access to Toyota's strong buying power, we are confident TFM will add value to your business.


Novated Lease

Novated Leasing is a finance arrangement used with salary packaging, where the employer pays an employee's car finance and running costs directly from the employee's salary. It's an attractive option for both employers and employees.

Key Benefits:

  • Tax-effective financing through pre - and post-tax salary deductions
  • Control and flexibility - employees get to drive the car of their choice
  • Convenient and cashless motoring - with the option to include all car running costs

Toyota Finance[A1] for Small Business

Running a small business? You may be eligible to claim an instant asset tax depreciation deduction where the capital cost of a new, used or demo Toyota is less than $20,000 including when financed by way of a Toyota Business Vehicle Loan.

The recent budget announcement was a welcome surprise for small businesses with an annual turnover of less than $2 million- the announcement of instant tax deductions on assets means small business purchases below $20,000 are now instantly tax deductible. The benefit applies to an unlimited number of individual asset purchases under $20,000, including vehicles. Where a small business uses an asset only partly for business purposes, the instant asset deduction is proportionately reduced to reflect business use.

This new tax timing concession, designed to kickstart small business investment, simplifies the way small businesses can claim deductions. The concession is a helpful cashflow improvement tool for small business in tax profit positions. While the proposed change has not been legislated, the proposal has bi-partisan support from the two major political parties and Toyota Finance[A1] has confidence that the proposed measure will be passed into legislation.

Who is eligible?

Small businesses with an annual turnover under $2 million (the threshold test also aggregates certain related party small businesses sales), who can demonstrate that they are a genuine business.

How much can you claim?

Any business asset with a capital cost under $20,000 is eligible for an instant tax deduction with no limit on the number of individual purchases. Assets over $20,000 aren't eligible for the instant write-off, but can be annually tax depreciated under the small business pool tax depreciation rules. The asset must be acquired on or after 7:30 PM 12 May 2015 and be first used or installed ready for use on or before 30 June 2017.

Thinking of financing a Toyota*sup>?

The good news is the benefit still applies if you choose to finance the purchase of your vehicle by way of Toyota business vehicle loan or a Toyota Access business vehicle loan (finance lease would not be suitable as lessors and not lessees obtain tax depreciation). Small businesses attracted to the concession may wish to speak to their Toyota Dealer to determine what new, demo and used Toyota vehicles are likely to have a capital cost under $20,000 and businesses should also factor into account in determining vehicle capital cost the capital cost of stamp duty. Toyota currently has a range of new and used vehicle options like the Toyota Yaris or New-Look Corolla worth discussion with us while the range and affordability of the certified used and demo vehicles widens the consideration set when thinking of a new business vehicle.

Small business with needs for material handling equipment should consider a purchase from Toyota Material Handling. Within an extensive range of walkie stackers and pallet trucks, most are under the $20,000 threshold. Toyota Material Handling also has an extensive range of used forklifts and skid steer loaders many of which are under the $20,000 threshold. For more information please visit Toyota Material Handling.

To understand the finance options available to you, speak to us or calculate your estimated repayments on our Car Loan Calculator.

How long have I got?

If a small business with a standard balance date of 30 June 2015 was considering instant asset write-off in the current 2014-15 income year, the asset would need to be acquired on or after 7:30 PM 12 May 2015 and first used or installed ready for use on or before 30 June 2015. A vehicle under $20,000 capital cost, where the contract of sale and purchase was entered into after Budget night and the vehicle was delivered and used by the small business by 30 June 2015 would be an example where these criteria would be met.

The proposed concession also applies in the 2015-16 and 2016-17 income years provided first use / installation ready for use occurs within each of those years (but in all cases first use / ready for use must be on or before 30 June 2017).

Small business customers should obtain their own independent advice on the proposed rules that take into account all their particular circumstances.

To learn more about the Small Business Tax Break and whether it's available to you, visit the ATO website and refer also to the Explanatory Memorandum to the Tax Laws Amendment (Small Business Measures No 2) Bill 2015

Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement

This SPDS, dated 8 December 2022, updates and should be read in conjunction with the Toyota Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy and Product Disclosure Statement with preparation date: 5 February 2021 and any other applicable SPDS we may have given you.

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